Can I put 2 filters in my furnace?

Bottom Line: Putting two filters will not make it last longer but may make you have to replace it earlier, assuming it doesn’t already reduce air flow too much with just the filters.

Why do I have 2 furnace filters?

Scenario 1: Your HVAC system has multiple return ducts.

This is the most common reason why your central air system has two air filters. … Having multiple return vents solves this problem, but it also requires air filters at each vent to properly filter the air and prevent particulates from getting into your fan motor.

Is a 2 furnace filter better than a 1?

1-Inch vs 2-Inch Furnace Filter

Again, if only the thickness is a consideration, then the 2-inch furnace filter is the winner. However, these two aren’t drastically different in thickness.

Can I use a 2 inch filter instead of 1?

The 2″ filters have twice the surface area as the 1″ filters. The filter material itself is the same thickness. You could put a single 1″ filter in, but it will clog up twice as quickly.

Can I use 2 air filters?

Can You Stack Air Filters? Do not stack multiple smaller air filters on top of one another to fit them into a larger air handler. Installing multiple 1” air filters in a 2” slot, for example, can cause costly damage to your AC unit, as residential furnaces are not equipped to handle this level of airflow restriction.

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How many filters does a heat pump have?

It’s worth noting that there are two types of filters when it comes to heat pump systems. You have temporary and permanent. In this guide, we will be guiding you through the steps on how to replace your temporary filters, not to clean the permanent ones.

Is 2-inch air filter better?

Well, the thicker the filter the less restrictive it is. This contributes to a better flow of purified air. This means that 2-inch furnace filters allow a better flow of air than 1-inch filters.

Does thickness of furnace filter matter?

The Thicker, the Better

Furnace filters can range anywhere from 1″to 5″ in thickness. In general, the thicker the furnace filter is the more efficiently your unit work and the longer it will last.

Can an air filter be too thick?

If you get a filter with pleats that are too thick, your filter could get dirty quickly. Thus, making your AC unit work harder than it needs to. A good benchmark to follow when considering MERV ratings is that if it’s more than 13, the pleats are most likely too thick for your filter.

What happens if air filter is too small?

An improperly sized air filter doesn’t do its job. When it’s too small, it lets dust, mold, and other contaminants into your air vents. These then spew into your air, providing air quality problems.

Can I use a different size furnace filter?

Using the wrong size air filter won’t necessarily damage your HVAC system, at least not immediately. It does have an impact, though. Using the wrong size reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

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What if my air filter is too big?

Air Filter Problems with Poor Fit

If you purchase a filter that’s too large, it won’t slide into the slot correctly. If the filter is too small, it won’t cover the entire space and may allow dust and dirt to flow past.