Can I scent my furnace filter?

Pick your scent — The best thing about making your own scented filter is you can choose whichever scent you want. You can play it safe by selecting a universally acclaimed scent like citrus or go bold by mixing oils, such as eucalyptus and peppermint or lavender and lemon, to create your own scent.

How can I make my furnace filter smell better?

Every month when you change your air filter, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to the fabric of the filter. When the air conditioning turns on and the air passes through the filter, the scent of the oil will also waft into the home. Lavender, sandalwood or eucalyptus are all pleasant options.

Can I spray my furnace filter with Febreze?

Febreeze is a good choice for an anti-bacterial spray when changing the filters as it will help killbacteria going through the filters as well as distributing a fresh scent throughout the house.

How do you add smell to air filter?

Put about 20 drops of oil onto the filter. You can mix different scents if you like. Once it’s done, install the filter. As air flows past it, it picks up the scent of the oils, spreading it throughout your home.

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Can you put essential oils on furnace filter?

When it’s time to install a new furnace filter, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the filter screen with a dropper. … A few drops will keep your home smelling fresh for a few weeks, and you can reapply essential oils to your filter as the smell fades.

Can you put dryer sheets in your air filter?

Freshen a room: If you have an air conditioner, you can place a dryer sheet on top of the filter. It will stay put even without any tape and will make your entire room smell amazing. You can do the same thing by taping a dryer sheet to any heating or air conditioning vent in the home, too.

Can you put essential oils on air filters?

Putting an essential oil on your air filter is easy. Follow these steps: … With an eyedropper, put 15 to 20 drops of oil evenly over the filter surface, then install it in your HVAC unit. With the scented filter in place, a soothing fragrance will be sent out with your conditioned air each time the blower cycles on.

Can you put perfume on an air filter?

You can spray your cabin filter, choose your favorite fragrance and simply spray the filter, Walla! … If air can’t pass through the filter, it can’t dry, cool, or heat the cabin air.

Can you put a dryer sheet on your furnace filter?

If you have an air conditioner, you can put a dryer sheet on top of the filter to freshen a room. Even if you don’t have tape, it will make your room smell amazing. By taping a dryer sheet to a heating or air conditioning vent in the house, you can do the same thing.

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