Is Coway Air Purifier Made in China?

Coway has been providing air purifiers manufactured on original development manufacturer (ODM) contracts in China. … The Korean small home electronics marker is accelerating its efforts to improve its independent brand awareness in the Chinese market to sell its mainstay products including air and water purifiers.

Where is the Coway air purifier made?

The Coway AP-1512HH, often just called by its nickname, the “Mighty”, is made in South Korea and is one of the most popular air purifiers you’ll find.

What country is Coway from?

This is our in-house creative department based in Seoul, Korea, where all Coway products are designed. With our diverse experience, the team often starts with the consumer insights before moving on to creative solutions.

Is Coway an American company?


In 1989, Coway was founded in South Korea. We have researched and developed world-class air and water purifiers and essential home appliances. Today, Coway as a Netmarble Group associated company and the market leader of Korea, we are proud to bring our award-winning products to our global consumers.

Is Coway a good brand?

Since 1989, Coway is always a trusted Korean brand, ranked No. 1 in brand value growth at Interbrand’s Best Korea Brands 2016. They even have a new brand just for air purifier industry – AIRMEGA. Overall, the products of this Korean brand can satisfy even the most difficult customer in other regions.

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What company is Coway?

Coway is a Korea-based company engaged in the manufacturing of water filtration appliances, air purifiers and bidets.

What air purifier is made in USA?

Other Air Purifiers Made In The USA

Their Bio UV-C HEPA Air Scrubber is a popular choice for medical-grade air cleaning to nearly any location. KwiKool: With manufacturing and assembly taking place in Houston, Texas, Kwikool and their air purifiers are revolutionizing indoor air quality solutions.

Where is IQAir made?

At IQAir, our roots are firmly planted in Switzerland and in Swiss values. Swiss Made is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability. We manufacture IQAir air purifiers at our own state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of Lake Constance.

Is AirDoctor made in China?

where is this made? Answer: Thank you for your interest in our air purifier. AirDoctor is designed in the USA and final assembly is done in China using high-quality components from around the world.

Is coway public listed company?

KUALA LUMPUR: South Korea-listed Coway Co Ltd, whose net profit and revenue are set to hit fresh record highs for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2018 (FY18), will ramp up investments for its Malaysian operations, which may include establishing a manufacturing facility and an initial public offering (IPO).

Which is better cuckoo or coway?

Distinguishing between these two giant brands of water filters Cuckoo vs. … One of the advantages of this filter system is that it also favors an alkaline water filtering system. However, coway’s usage is less prone to soil contamination because its filter technology is based on a Reverse Osmosis filtering system.

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What does coway company do?

Coway Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes household appliances. The Company produces water purifiers, air purifiers, and other related products. Coway also produces bidets, water softeners, mattresses, clean washers, and other living care products.

How long has coway been in business?

Since our founding in 1989, Coway has become a global company with 3 decades focused on health.

When was cuckoo Korea established?

Cuckoo Electronics is a South Korean manufacturing firm founded in 1978 and originally incorporated as Sunkwang Electronics Co., Ltd. Its corporate identity was formally changed to Cuckoo Co., Ltd. since 1999.