What refrigerator water filters are made in the USA?

The WaterSentinel® brand of replacement refrigerator water filters are manufactured in the USA by Aquamor, LLC, based in Temecula, California. This addition to our existing array of water filtration products, makes Aquamor the leading maker of point-of-use water filtration products in the world.

Are EveryDrop water filters made in the USA?

Our made in USA filters, compatible with Everydrop refrigerators are high-quality and certified against the NSF standards 42, 53 & 401. … Shop our high-grade and certified Everydrop water filter replacements today.

Where are LG water filters manufactured?

WaterSentinel filters are manufactured with high quality components all made right here in Southern California.

Where are Whirlpool water filters made?

Whirlpool® Water Filtration Systems are built in Iuka, Mississippi.

Are refrigerator water filters made in China safe?

“The risk is the consumer inadvertently may be exposing their family to drinking water that is not up to industry standards.” According to a study conducted by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), counterfeit refrigerator water filters pose a serious risk to consumer health and safety.

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Where is IcePure made?

PureFilters compatible IcePure RFC0500A Compatible Refrigerator Water Filters are shipped from Canada and uses only the highest quality materials. We offer this compatible water filter as a replacement to the original part, saving home owners money while delivering the exact same quality.

Where are ClearChoice water filters made?

The ClearChoice line of filters are made right here in the USA. Manufactured in Greenwood, Indiana, they’ve been tested to meet the same standards of original manufacturer filters but without the fancy certifications, and at a cheaper cost.

Who makes Kenmore water filters?

Kenmore products also include accessories like refrigerator water filters produced by various brands. The models 46-9906, 46-9910 and 46-9911 are all units created by Frigidaire. Model Numbers 46-9010, 46-9020, 46-9030 and 46-9902 all correspond to refrigerator water filter models manufactured by Whirlpool.

Where is Glacier Fresh made?

GLACIER FRESH LT1000PC Refrigerator Water Filter

Filter shell plastic is made of high purity polyethene from Germany, so its weght is lighter than other brands. The glue comes from LG in Korea, which ensures that the size of each honeycomb hole is uniform for ensure the filtering effect.

Where are Crystala filters made?

Made in the USA!

Where are aqua blue water filters made?

All our Replacement water filters are either manufactured in the Australia, USA, or South Korea, China.

Where are Pureplus water filters made?

PUREPLUS is headquartered in California. Our company’s goal is to design, develop, and market high-quality water filtration products at an affordable-cost.

Where are Filterlogic filters made?


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A compatible CEM part, produced in the UK, this filter will reduce the following contaminants: chlorine taste and odour, particulates, cysts, carbofuran, p-dichlorobenzene, asbestos, benzene, turbidity; leaving behind only crisp, cool and clean water.

Are GE water filters made in China?

The label on the filter states that filter is “Made in the U.S. with globally sources components”. … This filter is not Made in the USA. According to Wikipedia, GE Appliances is an appliance company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It is owned by Haier, a Chinese conglomerate.

Are Waterdrop filters made in China?

Where is it manufactured? Answer: According to an email from the manufacturer: “Our Waterdrop Filters design in USA, and made in China.”

Does Culligan make refrigerator water filters?

Culligan Refrigerator Water Filters are designed to fit on any refrigerator and install inline on the water tubing. Culligan refrigerator filters provide great tasting ice and water.