Where is the filter located on a electric furnace?

The furnace filter is usually located inside of the blower compartment, where the return air enters the blower compartment. Most units have built-in furnace racks. The large metal furnace compartment contains a filter and blower.

Is there a filter on an electric furnace?

Like any furnace, electric furnaces have filters. … The filter can usually be found within the blower compartment of the electric furnace. Even electric furnaces require filters and maintenance so that they can run well and provide you with warmth all winter long.

How do I change the filter in my electric furnace?

How do you change a furnace filter?

  1. Turn off the furnace.
  2. Locate the service panel and remove it.
  3. Slide out the existing filter (located near the intake/outtake blower fan).
  4. Slide in a new filter.
  5. Turn the furnace back on.

Can’t find the filter on my furnace?

Horizontal HVAC unit – Furnace filter will be located on the intake side, slid into a rack. Vertical HVAC unit with air moving upwards – You can find your furnace filter in the bottom door. This is where the blower is. You will need to open both the top and bottom doors to get to the filter.

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How do you clean an electric furnace?

Once you have your equipment together, follow these six steps to clean your electric furnace:

  1. Turn the electricity to the furnace off. …
  2. Replace the filter. …
  3. Vacuum the inside of the furnace. …
  4. Inspect the wires and belts. …
  5. Clean all heat registers. …
  6. Clean up and turn the power on. …
  7. Turn off the power and gas to the furnace.

Is furnace filter same as AC filter?

While many people refer to air conditioning and furnace filters as if they’re different, this is not the case. Your furnace and your air conditioning system use the exact same filter, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing separate filters for each piece of equipment.

Do electric furnaces need yearly maintenance?

Yes, your electric furnace requires yearly maintenance—because all heating systems require it once a year. … You may also end up with a permanently broken heating system, ending the heater’s life years too early and potentially leading to required replacement, if you neglect your electric furnace too long.

How often should you service your electric furnace?

Every home is different and two homes may have different types or styles of furnaces. Despite the differences in the different type of furnaces and HVAC systems, the general rule of thumb is to have your furnace serviced at least once annually.

Why is my furnace not blowing hot air?

First, check to make sure the thermostat is set correctly. You will want to make sure that the fan control is set to auto, and not ‘on’. If the thermostat appears set correctly, turn off your heater at the thermostat and check the filter. If the filter is dirty, replace it.

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What is an electronic furnace filter?

Electrostatic air filters, also known as washable filters or reusable filters, are located on a furnace and typically take the place of a pleated filter. … The extra electrostatic charged particles drive the dirty particles towards the collector, trapping the dirty particles inside.

Do all furnaces have filters?

Do All Furnaces Have Filters? Yes, all furnaces & heat pumps have filters. If your home uses another type of heating system, like a boiler which uses water to heat the home, you will not have filters, but for a furnace or heat pump, a filter is a vital component.

Do you have to turn off the furnace to change the filter?

1. To Change Your Home Air Filter, You’ll Need To Turn Off Your Furnace. To prevent the HVAC unit from turning on while you are changing the filter, make sure you turn the thermostat to the “off” position. … For maximum safety, disconnect power from your furnace system while you are doing maintenance.