Why are air filters pleated?

Are pleated air filters better?

Pleated air filters provide better overall air quality, with MERV ratings ranging from 7-13. Their increased surface area picks up more debris and pollutants than fiberglass filters, such as pollen and pet dander in addition to picking up dirt and dust and larger allergen debris.

Why are pleated filter better?

Catch more debris: Pleated air filters have more surface area, so they capture more – and smaller – debris. Depending on the MERV rating, they may filter out pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and some viruses. This makes a pleated air filter a much better choice for anyone with allergies, asthma, or similar sensitivities.

Why are air filters folded?

As we mentioned above, the folded design of pleated air filters allow them to increase surface area without restricting your air conditioner’s airflow. This is makes them an energy-efficient alternative to flat filters that have high MERV ratings, because those filters tend to block airflow to your system.

What’s the difference between pleated and non pleated air filter?

The biggest difference from pleated air filters is that the non-pleated alternatives are made to catch large particles. The dust and debris can add up quickly on the non-pleated filters. On the other hand, pleated air filters are designed to catch smaller particles, which is why they tend to last longer.

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Do pleated filters restrict airflow?

Even though pleated fiberglass filters are very common and are continuously highly recommended, there’s still a misconception around the filters being able to cause damage to your unit because they supposedly restrict air flow. Yes, pleated air filters do indeed restrict the airflow to your HVAC system.

Do pleated filters last longer?

Others prefer the pleated filters due to their ability to capture microscopic allergens from the air. Pleated air filters provide better air filtration than fiberglass air filters. … Pleated filters are stronger and can last up to 90 days, three times longer than fiberglass filters.

Are air filters made of fiberglass?

Furnace air filters protect the furnace mechanisms from getting dirty and also remove particles from the air you breathe. Filters are made of different materials including fiberglass, polyester, and cotton.

Why are furnace filters pleated?

A pleated air filter is mode of a wire back synthetic media that traps and absorbs more particles than spun fiberglass. The air filters increased quality cause it to have a higher price range than lower style filters.

How long do pleated air filters last?

Pleated air filters are high-quality filters that are very effective in trapping particles and last up to 90 days. Pets—If you own pets, change your filters every two months to keep your air clean.