You asked: How do you clean the lint filter on a Fisher and Paykel top loader?

How do you clean the lint filter on a Fisher Paykel top loader washing machine?

To Clean the Filter:

  1. Turn the power off and unplug the machine.
  2. Use a coin to open the filter cover. …
  3. Unhook the pump outlet hose and pull it out (about 150mm). …
  4. After the draining process is complete, replace the plug into the hose and refit the hose back into the housing.
  5. Remove the filter by turning anti-clockwise.

Where is the lint filter on a top loader?

Top Load Washer – Lint / Pump Filters

  1. There are 2 crescent-shaped Fine Mesh plastic lint filters in the bottom of the wash basket under the agitator. …
  2. During drain down and spin, the water forces the lint off the bottom of the filters and down the drain.
  3. These filters should never require cleaning or replacement.

Where is the lint trap on a top load washer?

Your washer’s lint filter may be within the center agitator of a top-loading washer. Remove the cover and check for a lint trap that can be cleaned. A removable lint screen may also be located along the washer drum’s top rim. Mesh lint traps are also commonly found in washer drain hoses.

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Do top load washers have lint filters?

Top loading washing machines may have a lint trap with in the agitator. If the cover of the agitator is removable there very well could be a lint trap inside. Pull the cap off and look into the cylinder, if there is a handle, pull out and filter should be attached.

Do Fisher and Paykel washing machines have lint filters?

This is an optional part, our washing machines are supplied without lint filters as they have an auto lint disposal system, where the lint is washed away with the waste water. …

How do you clean the lint filter on a Fisher and Paykel dryer?

To Clean the Door Lint Filter:

  1. Open the dryer door.
  2. Remove the lint filter by pulling it up and out of the filter slot. Open it out and wipe the surfaces clean with your hand.
  3. Close the lint filter and place it back in the opening. Ensure the filter is fitted correctly back in place before operating the dryer.

How do I clean the filter on my top loader washing machine?

The quickest way to clean out your filter is to remove it from the unit and soak it in hot water, loosening any clog or trapped residue. If the filter cannot be removed, clean it out with brush. Some filters are disposable, so instead of cleaning them you can just throw them away and put a new one in place.